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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Projects about to launch

On Monday the Projects Selection Panel met to look at all the project proposals which came in.  It is fantastic to see what creative and exciting ideas people are working on and I wish the scheme could support them all!  It was tough having to make choices, but we decided on 5 projects and we hope that these will be able to be launched very soon.  We have pioneers lined up for all but one of them, so things should be able to happen pretty quickly.  It's too soon to publish the details - the news is still filtering through to the circuits and districts concerned - but we hope to be able to give those details within a couple of weeks.  Please pray for the pioneers as they prepare for some amazing new experiences on the roller-coaster ride that is pioneer ministry.  See the panel at the side of this page for closing dates for the next selection round both for projects and pioneers.

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