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Monday, 8 March 2010

Did you know ...

Ninety percent of the British people rarely or never enter a church for any truly religious purpose ... What of that tragic sixty per cent who have no point of contact with us, and desire none; who are living entirely secular lives, who are profoundly ignorant of Christianity and quite sceptical as to its relevance to their needs? 

A quote from a recent book on contemporary mission in the UK?  No, a quotation from 'The Report of the Eastbourne Enquiry on "The Local Preacher and Evangelism"' published in, wait for it ....1949!


  1. Thanks for that Ian. Led a Local Preachers meeting on Evangelism & Worship last night so it was a great way to kick things off.
    Mark (Street)

  2. do you have the whole report? if so could you send a copy please.