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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Salvation Today and CMS Pioneer Training

Who says that 'salvation' and 'being saved' are unfamiliar concepts in contemporary culture?  Yesterday outside Oxford railway station I snapped these two posters.

Maybe they are concepts which are in more common use than we think and somehow we need to re-invest them with Gospel significance?

Incidentally, I was in Oxford to attend the open day introducing the new Pioneer Mission Leadership Training course which Jonny Baker and Church Mission Society have developed.  It strikes me as being absolutely spot on in what it promises to deliver in training people for various kinds of pioneer ministry.  I think there is much to learn from CMS as we think about equipping the increasing number of people engaging in pioneer mission within Methodism.


  1. Interesting, Ian.
    Did you see the article in the Times yesterday by Robert Campton, saying that the churches had missed a PR trick in not promtoing Lent more strongly. As an atheist he couldl see the pointt of Lent in reflecting on the world and your place in it and also in denying yourself..... facsinating.
    Susan J

  2. Thanks Susan, I haven't seen the article but would like to see what he says. Unfortunately I don't subscribe to Times online (on principle) so can't go back to it. I like Robert Crampton and love reading his Saturday Times magazine column. I'm sure he's right about Lent - people do need to opportunity to stop and reflect and take stock - but we've made it so religious it's relatively inaccessible. Maybe we should think about what we could suggest for next year - maybe some material suitable for unchurched people? Incidentally have you looked at Ric and Jon's blogs - they're each doing some really creative things for Lent.

  3. I am following your blog, I would like to invite you to follow mine :)
    God Bless