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Thursday, 20 May 2010

Tubestation story hits The Times!

Tubestation, the fresh expression of church relating to surf culture in North Cornwall was featured in a half-page article in The Times on Saturday (15 May 2010). 

It's a great article and highlights what amazing things God is doing in and through Tubestation.  VentureFX is partnering with Kris and Henry from the Tube, as they break new ground in a nearby location called St Merryn.  It's going to go under the name of Esta and will be seeking to form a relevant way of being followers of Jesus in that community.  The official launch will be in early July, so more details later.  We believe that the energy and vision of the Tubestation leadership is going to enable new and exciting things to come to birth in St Merryn and we are excited about this opportunity to work with them.

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