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Monday, 24 May 2010

Wider network of VentureFX

We've been feeling for a while that, as well as the 20 core VentureFX projects, the scheme might be able to develop the capacity for supporting other pioneer projects that would value being part of the VentureFX network and resources as they develop.  It might help pioneers to feel that they are embraced and affirmed by the wider VentureFX scheme as well as being able to draw on elements of training, coaching, networking, resources and so on. We'd love to have some feedback as to how useful this might be, so if you have thoughts or ideas please leave a comment or email Ian

1 comment:

  1. Ian, love this idea... at tubestation we benefit from a relatively high profile among fresh expressions projects which helps our progress as we navigate within the church. Even so, it can feel like an uphill struggle for us sometimes, and we know that other brilliant projects feel the struggles even more so as they have less of a voice within the system, even within their local circuits, and feel unsupported.
    It feels like these are the unsung heroes of pioneering in the uk today, the little projects with heaps of God-given vision but no support. To give them a voice and affirmation has got to be a good thing. If there's room within Venture FX to empower more small projects, even just by encouraging and sharing their struggles (which we do!), it could make all the difference.